02–06 August 2018

Maui, Hawaii


Storms, earthquakes, landslides, floods, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions are becoming more intense and more frequent, as the Earth’s crust warms.

What happens to mothers expecting babies, when climate change disasters leave them homeless, hungry and thirsty? How can midwives, doulas, nurses, doctors and BirthKeepers be prepared to help pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding women, when hospitals and health centers are reduced to rubble?

Birth in the Era of Climate Change is an intensive, practical and wisdom filled course that can earn BirthKeepers continuing education units, and is MEAC accredited. You will be learning from Midwives who have served in disaster zones, in Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, and Haiti.

Learn lessons from the epicentre of disasters, including: hands on skills, preparing your disaster tool kit, birth in tents case studies, breastfeeding and nutrition for moms, logistics, coping with PTSD, cultural competency, local medicine making and more.

MEAC Accredited, CEU’s Available.

For more information visit Pacific Birth Collective on Facebook.

IMAGE:  Ibu Robin receives a baby in the Philippines’ disaster zone.