Angel Hiromi: Bumi Sehat Papua Dedication

Feb 15, 2018 | Article, Featured, Updates

At the end of January 2018, Bumi Sehat dedicated the “Angel Hiromi Bumi Sehat” birth center in Sentani Papua. Special thanks to Earth Company, Maruyama-san and our Angel, Hiromi. As the year unfolds, we will share the exciting news about our new branch.

An image of Hiromi, graces the new birthing clinic. The furnishings are not yet funded, but the building is complete, and the LOVE has been installed!

Sharing Gentle Birth protocols, with the beautiful student midwives of Stikes Jaya Pura, Papua.

Team Angel Hiromi, Bumi Sehat heads out to the small community of Asei Pupau, on the port of Khalkote, on Sentani Lake, Papua, where we identified a community anxious for our midwives to come and make regular prenatal visits. We will arrange transportation for mothers in labor.

And so our vision of gentle birth continues to spread. This new clinic is on the far eastern frontier of Indonesia. The Bumi Sehat Aceh clinic is in the far west of Indonesia. Our mother-ship clinic in Bali is right in the center of the country. And up North, we have our hand in the Philippines. This is a reach that we hope blesses the future. So that families may have access to evidenced based, safe and gentle childbirth choices.

Ibu Robin