On Fear and Hand Sanitizer (Recipe Included!)

Mar 22, 2020 | Featured, Recipe, Updates

Fear is an emotion that can take us on many terrible journeys, or it can inspire us to action. The important factor is balance — balancing our emotions so that fear does not predominate our lives.

While the Coronavirus pandemic has brought fear to roost throughout the Earth, may we all remember to be kind. None of us can say what tomorrow will bring. We can, however, cope with this current situation, with intelligence and compassion.

As a medical professional I have become very pragmatic. Asking myself, “How can we best prepare while staying positive?” People are panicking about the fact that hand sanitizer is sold out everywhere. Remember, proper hand washing with soap and water for minimum of 20 seconds is the best protection.

I’d still like to share my recipe for natural hand sanitizer. It’s a nice project you can do with your children and grandchildren, especially since schools are closed.

You will need pump bottles and some smaller spray bottles, to dispense the hand sanitizer. I put all of this into the blender to mix well.

2 cups ethyl alcohol (vodka or in Bali arak works, higher proof the better)
1 cup pure aloe vera gel
6-10 tbs Colloidal silver (optional, but anti-infective)
30 or more drops of essential oil*

*Lavender with lemon is lovely. You might also try tea tree oil. Or you can try a blend of oils once used by robbers during the time of the plague to protect them from disease. This is a combination of clove, lemon or orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary (aka On Guard or Thieves oil).

Some people ask if this will 100% kill germs and viruses because they have heard that the alcohol must be 70% or 60%. I cannot be certain, but it can be surely helpful. 

I am hugging less, this makes me sad, washing my hands more (being a bit OCD, I’m good with this), LOVING MORE… after all, Love boosts our immune response!

…Blessed Be…
Ibu Robin