Baby Moon Nut Milk

Jul 29, 2018 | Featured, Recipe, Updates

As my daughter Zhou, her partner, Rin, and her new child… Bear, enjoy their “Baby Moon,” I have revived one of my favorite MotherBaby recipes. While expectant and postpartum mothers love this balancing nut milk, their partners find it helps them cope well with the sleepless nights that new babies sometimes bring.

The Full moon will be eclipsed in Aquarius 27 July, followed on August 11th, 2018 by a partial solar eclipse. Now, and for this entire year, is a time of awakening, and this beautiful, simple to make, golden almond, turmeric, date, milk supports our bodies in the healing~enkindling process.


1 Cup Blanched Raw Almonds
Soak a generous cup of raw almonds in pure water, enough to cover, for several hours, squeeze the nuts to slide off the skins, wash, use.

5 to 10 Pitted Dates
Depending upon your sweet tooth and size of dates, check to be sure each date is pit free.

1 to 2 TBS Raw Fresh Turmeric
Peel and chop, the amount you use depends upon your love of this root. If you use dried turmeric ½ tsp will be enough.

One Quart Pure Drinking Water
Warm water makes a lovely warm milk, room temperature is also OK.

Blend ALL ingredients on high speed in your kitchen blender.
Serve immediately.

Enjoy… and remember Babies bring Tortas.

The Benefits


This bright golden root is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful anti inflammatory, plant medicines. This recipe calls for turmeric fresh. However, if you cannot find it fresh (all over Asia in markets, and available in most wonderful health food stores), you may use it dried, but reduce the amount, as the dried turmeric is more concentrated. Turmeric is a true healer of our brains, hearts, and all organs. For the postpartum mother, turmeric is her ally in reducing engorged breasts, and healing the uterus, yoni and lifting her spirits. Also, when taken by the mother, Turmeric helps sooth the gassy belly of breastfeeding baby.


There is something magic about tree nuts… and I especially love almonds. Almonds are packed with vitamin B2, E, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, folate and anitoxidants. While almonds are highly nutritional, they reduce fat in the body. Almonds help increase intestinal health, remember, healthy gut, healthy mind. Antioxidant almonds are good for our hearts, these humble nuts reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and support healthy bones.


In Sanskrit we call them “Kharjura,” the ancient sweet fruit of the date palm, is cooling and nourishing to the body. Rich in potassium, men will be happy to know they are a useful remedy for erectile dysfunction, plus increase sperm quality and count.

A good food for couples wishing to achieve pregnancy to share. In addition, dates help alleviate diarrhea (due to potassium) and constipation (due to high fiber content). Dates are an excellent source of iron to fight anemia. According to this study consuming dates in the last weeks of pregnancy reduces the need for induction and augmentation of labor.

Results of another study included shorter first phase of labor. “Conclusion: Mean cervical dilatation was higher in women consuming date fruit, compared to the non-consuming group. Since date fruit is full of energy and nutrients, it is recommended for pregnant women to help with cervical ripening, particularly in the last weeks of gestation.”

Eating 6 dates per day in the last weeks of pregnancy, is surely a snack all pregnant women would enjoy. I often give the gift of dates to pregnant mothers in my care. This is why I have included them in this Ayurvedic balancing recipe for pregnant and postpartum mothers, and their families.

…Blessed Be…
Ibu Robin