Inner Knowing of Mothers…

Jan 23, 2018 | Article

Deborah Flowers and I, founders of Awakening Birth, are very fond of encouraging Mothers to touch in with their own “INNER KNOWING.” I don’t send mothers “out” to “find” their Inner Knowing, because it’s right there in the heart of each of you. It is the still place, the eye of the storm of daily life, where your authentic self dwells.

I began to feel and get to know my Inner Knowing, when I was expecting my first baby, as a teenager. Riding my bicycle one drizzly morning, rushing to my freshman college classes, my bike chain fell off. My pregnant belly was so big that I could not bend down to fix it, my rear tire was stuck tightly between the railroad tracks, a dangerous situation that would have normally made me give-up and cry inconsolably by the side of the road, while the next train smashed my beloved bike.

But then, a resonance with the entire universe that my Baby and I occupied began to rise like a song in my heart. As if my Baby said, “It’s all OK mom, I got you covered.” Suddenly, an elder man, wearing tatters and a scruffy beard, came to sweep me and my bicycle off of the railroad tracks. The rain suddenly stopped, clouds parted and the sun came out to shine on this ancient man’s toothless smile. He quickly fixed my bike chain, “Better be off to school little mother.” he said.

I stammered, “But how did you know I am a student, and where did you come from?”
“Well,” he answered with a wink, “Your Baby Girl told me.”

Off I sped to school, on my bicycle that seemed to fly and navigate the roads effortlessly. Each day after that I searched the railroad tracks, on my way to and from school, hoping to see my Angel. I never did see him again. But that experience switched on something that had been brewing deep inside of me. My Inner Knowing was activated. From that moment, I felt protected. I knew without ultrasound that my baby would be a girl. I knew her birth would be wonderful. I felt my strength and wisdom grow. I knew that this Baby would be my teacher, my Guru. From that day forward I began to truly TRUST in the Kindness of all Creation. My Inner Knowing gave me, and this Baby, a secure place in the dance of all things. As my life unfolded there were millions of coincidences, miracles really, but somehow on that day, I became a mOM and a BirthKeeper, because I began to BELIEVE in the Miracle of Life.

This is a message… from MY Inner Knowing, to YOUR Inner Knowing, dear mOM:

Natural childbirth is not a myth, most women CAN do it, supported by loving skilled BirthKeepers (Midwives, Doctors, Doulas, Nurses & caring family). I am not saying there are easy answers or simple solutions. I am saying that as a mother-to-be, you can tune into your own INNER KNOWING. This Knowing is the crux of your journey toward motherhood. When you find her, your authentic self, it will not matter how your birth unfolds, naturally or not, it will be just right, for you and for your baby.

Prenatal care, is NOT intended to be “prenatal scare.” Search for a midwife and/or a doctor who will become your partner-in-health, by sharing knowledge, and supporting your feeling of safety. Surround yourself with friends, family and healthcare providers who BELIEVE in you. As you find your own Inner Knowing, most pregnancy discomforts can be resolved and released, and your health will soar. Un-build the fortress that helped you survive traumas, and let down your guard so your oxytocin may flow. Prepare your heart to arrive for your childbirth experience, dressed in your authentic self, ready to open and become a mother, as nature intended it.

You are your own best doctor. Your Inner Knowing will reveal the most valuable medical advice. The most important healing gift your doctor and midwives can give you is so simple, they must BELIEVE in YOU.

Especially now, as our planet is suffering and our species and all species face extinction, we need ALL mothers to unfold as Wise Women. While looking for solutions, learn from many teachers, but trust the teachers who BELIEVE in YOU. In partnership with your BABY and your partner, midwife or doctor and doulas, find your own INNER KNOWING to lead you to the most gentle, ecological, organic way you may birth, breastfeed and parent your child. Embrace the responsibility of being a wise woman. Our very survival in this fast approaching future depends upon the wise decisions of Mothers.

Ibu Robin

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